Lair started out a s creative playground where we could be free to produce products with a soul far away from commercial requirements and mass-production. We felt a need and desire to cater for both ourselves and those who are after something truly one-off and unique. Today we are proud over our sustainable way of producing and feel proud of how we engage with people and the environment. 

Below are some key points on how we approach sustainability. We want to do our outmost to contribute to the UN 2030 sustainable development goals. Goal 12 responsible consumption and production will lead our way of doing business now and forever. Our motto is to constantly work on improvements and be better today than the day before. 


The love of Leather and circularity 

What we found in our local factory was the most beautiful lot of leftover leather. Our factory owner had several Swedish and Italian tannery connections which enabled him to get hold of premium leather that tanneries wanted to get rid off and couldn't sell locally as it was part of the contract with the high-end customers they were supplying to. So sending it way off to Sweden was their way of getting rid of the leather waste and still not conflicting with their customers, and this made it possible for us to get hold of the deadstock of the most premium leather in the world. 


We love leather for its quality aspects as well as for the smell and feel of it, there simply is not any material that can compare to leather when making a bag. If treated well leather can last a life-time or even longer. Good design always start with limitations and with the global excess of new material, we decided early that we will never produce new, we rather challenge ourselves by reusing and upgrading what already exists. Circularity in Fashion is a must and Lair is here to manifest that and create really beautiful long lasting products out of it.

Our goal is to focus on leftover leather and dead-stock that is chrome or metal free. We like to be as transparent as possible and tell as much as we know about the story of the leather used. Hopefully the future will involve other leftover materials that feel valuable to create in.


Local production in the heart of Stockholm

Our Factory is based in Vasastan and driven by a passionate man named Magnus Nyström. He has a great vintage park of old production units and one of the most unique is the “edge-sewing machine” where we produce our signature drum shape bags.

What we are extra passionate about with Lair was the possibility of producing locally in Stockholm. Just as nice as it is to know that your “greens” have been growing at the backside of your favourite restaurant, is it to be able to follow every step of the production of each and every bag. We want to inspire the potential to bring back craftmanship and production to Sweden.  



As a reaction to mass production and as a celebration to the craftmanship and soul we are putting into into each and every bag, we decided to have made-to-order as our standard delivery.  We like to encourage a slowdown in the accessibility from order to delivery to the end consumer. We also like the consumer to think more about each purchase and invest in long-lasting products, good not only for them, but also for nature.


Keep it real, raw and beautiful!